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Do not miss scheduled maintenance

Regular garage door maintenance is scheduled for a reason, usually following a time period when they would start to show signs of problems. However, this does not necessarily mean that your garage door is starting to deteriorate. It is simply a safety and maintenance concern, according to our specialists. Still, follow the schedule to be safe.

Repaint chipped areas

Metal objects with chipped paint provide an opening for weathering to take place. If your steel garage door has exposed areas due to chipped paint, then moisture and air can form rust on it and rust can eventually cause the breaking down of metal. Avoid this by repainting exposed metal parts of your garage door.

Close your garage door for safety

When you are not using your garage, keep the door closed. This can help you avoid theft or burglary. Don’t tempt anyone to come into your personal space by leaving your door wide open. Don’t take unnecessary chances, close your door when not in use.

Make sure the door is balanced

Pull the overhead door up manually to chest height and check whether it stands still, moves up or slides down. It should stand still even if it bounces a bit. In a different case, the garage door springs must be adjusted. This is how you check the balance of garage doors and this is important for proper operation. Our specialists can surely help you out!

Unplug the opener while you work on the doors

It's always best to make sure the power is off when you do any work on your garage doors. Whether you are changing a part, repainting or simply lubricating instruments, it is always a good idea to disconnect the system from the mains. This way you can be sure you and everyone else is completely safe while you work.

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