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Interested in various information about garage doors? Always visit our FAQ page.

What is the expected lifetime of a garage door?

Depending on the brand and type, garage doors typically last from 10 to 20 years, according to our experts in garage door repair Montclair. Of course, the expectancy could last longer with proper use, care, and maintenance. You can also read more information on the manual to know about specific details and instructions for maintenance.

Which garage door requires the least maintenance?

Fiberglass garage door typically requires the least maintenance because, unlike wood and steel, it does not rot or get rusty. Conversely, wooden garage doors require more effort to maintain, though many homeowners still choose this type because of its traditional and classic charm.

Why is insulation important in a garage door?

A: A garage door must have regular insulation because it helps reduce exterior noise. It also controls the temperature or amount of energy necessary to cool or heat your garage. Finally, insulation adds strength to the door, making it more efficient to use.

Why is it inadvisable to repair garage door spring problems on your own?

Garage door springs, especially the torsion springs located above the frame of the garage door, are dangerous because of their high tension. The can cause serious injuries if they break or snap. You need to have the proper knowhow, skills, tools, and support to safety deal with them. We highly recommend getting in touch with one of our experts for professional help.

What happens when there is a security lock defect?

In a number of instances, a security lock problem manifests as a clicking noise. Our garage door maintenance experts say that the security lock may not be properly disengaged when it is supposed to. There may also be instances of flashing lights on the remote control opener. The system may have to be unlocked from the wall pad.

What does a clicking noise on a garage door mean?

If you encounter a clicking noise with your garage door, it can usually be attributed to the door opener unit unless the clicking can be traced to the hinges or tracks. Clicking sounds may indicate simple to complex problems. Lubrication maintenance or minor adjustments may address the issue but it would be better to have it checked professionally.

My door opens uneven! Now what?

If your door opens uneven it can mean that there is a problem with your springs. Either they need to be adjusted or even replaced! You can call our company and we can fix the springs for you!

Does my garage door require maintenance?

When taken care of properly, a garage door can be tough enough to make it many years. Periodic maintenance is key to the longevity of your door. This is because normal wear and tear will do minor damage to the mechanism of your door, requiring minor repairs. If you're vigilant enough to catch minor damage before they become major issues, you're going to enjoy your door far longer.

I backed into my garage door, can I get it fixed?

Accidents do happen and thankfully, your garage door can be fixed. Broken panels can be replaced with the same or compatible panels. Cables, tracks, springs and rollers can also be replaced. If they were only wrenched out of their placement, then they can be mounted back into place.

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