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Common Garage Door Problems During Winter

Common Garage Door Problems During Winter
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Garage doors are expected to run smoothly and provide security for the vehicle and property. However, it is inevitable for these heavy doors to be damaged due to daily wear and tear. If they age, they could stop working. During the winter season, they could be prone to other problems, because they are affected by the freezing temperature just like your entire home. Here are the most common garage door issues faced by homeowners during the cold season.

Weather Stripping Trouble

When you use your car during winter, the tires bring in snow and water into the garage. Snow also piles up outside the garage during heavy snowfall. In these cases, moisture affects the room as it adheres to the weather-stripping or seal at the bottom of the door. When you open the door, the seal could drip or detach, requiring the need to replace weather seal. It can be controlled by sweeping snow away from the garage as often as possible.

Problem with the Tracks

Common Garage Door Problems During WinterThe garage door tracks are two long strips on the side of the door that guide it as it raises and lowers. When they are obstructed, the door would jam. It is best to keep them free of debris that obstructs them by keeping it clean especially during the cold season. Aside from the drive tracks, low temperature also affects the other metal garage door parts. This results to becoming stuck. Proper lubrication is highly recommended by garage door repair Montclair specialists.

Safety issues are also common during winter when grime affects the electronics of the motor of your garage door opener. This might even require repair. If the photo eyes are blocked by dirt brought by snow, it can detect these as obstructions that hinder its smooth operation. It is important to know these things so you can prepare ahead and avoid more serious problems.

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